Welcome to Sunnylea Co-operative Nursery School

Enjoy a special opportunity to have meaningful involvement in your child’s first school experience.

At Sunnylea Co-operative Nursery School, our aim is to create a positive foundation to your child’s first educational experience. We accomplish this through the involvement of the teachers, the parents/guardians and children. The co-operative nature of the school provides both the child and parents/guardians a gentle and meaningful approach to learning. We promote an enriched and caring environment that supports our four cornerstones of learning: physical, intellectual, social and creative development. Learn more About Us.

Parent and Guardian Testimonials

Honestly the best little preschool around.  I’ve had two children in the program, and both have had a wonderful and enriching experience.  The teachers are the best and create positive, loving environment.  We’re definitely sad to be leaving. – Marissa

Sunnylea has been such a positive experience for my son. The program is a nice blend of fun and learning. The teachers are very caring and their attention to detail is so thoughtful. I highly recommend it! – Christina

Our family cannot say enough great things about the time we’ve spent at Sunnylea Co-op. Since joining the program, our daughter has flourished. Knowing she was always under the loving care of her teachers, she’s learned valuable skills that will no doubt prepare her school, friends and many other life events to come. We’ve made lifelong friends and memories and recommend the programs to anyone looking for an exciting and engaging program for their child. – Maggie

As a co-op, there is plenty of parent involvement, which is great and the Executive Council is a great group of people year over year. Clearly, I cannot recommend it enough! – Micah

The teachers are amazing, talented, warm and friendly. The classroom has a great set up that allows the children to learn through play. Great school to get your child kindergarten ready! I would surely recommend this school to all! Being in a co-op gives parents a great opportunity to be involved with their child’s learning and build relationships with others in the co-op. Don’t hesitate to check out this school!  – Curcharel

Our son attended Sunnylea for 2 years. Even though we moved away from the neighbourhood, we couldn’t take our son away from his favourite school and teachers. Sunnylea has been a reliable, affordable, and safe place for our son to grow and learn. If you live in the area (or even if you don’t!) your toddlers will thrive at Sunnylea! – Hilary

Great nursery school with small class sizes,  caring teachers and family involvement. – Katie

The teachers are so warm, welcoming and knowledgeable that I could not imagine sending my son elsewhere. The space is always clean with wonderful, educational toys and the teachers are amazing with the kids, really picking up on their needs and helping to foster their development. Although being a part of a cooperative is a bit more work I really enjoy being a part of the school. Being involved in my son’s schooling and also the business side of the school really ensures that the school is going in a direction everyone supports. I highly, highly recommend Sunnylea! We love it!Joana

Sunnylea Co-operative Nursery School is a preschool for 2 and 3 year olds located in Etobicoke, just west of Toronto, Canada