Safety is our top priority.

Upon opening for 2020/2021, Sunnylea Co-Operative Nursery School Guidelines for COVID-19 will be formally approved by the Ministry of Education Child Care and Early Years Licensing Branch and local Public Health units, and follow the most current recommendations provided by the Ministry of Health.  These guidelines are subject to change as per the direction of the Ministry of Education Child Care and local Public Health Units.

NEW 2020/2021 Full-Day Program

The main philosophy of the Sunnylea Cooperative Nursery School is learning and socializing through play. Some adjustments will be made to observe physical distancing. Examples include:

  • Screening all staff, children, and parents daily
  • All children and staff will be in the same cohort daily
  • Focus on teaching personal hygiene routines
  • Cleaning and disinfecting rooms, toys, and equipment frequently
  • Storage for children’s personal belongings will be spaced
  • Toys & equipment that are difficult to clean and disinfect will be removed from the classroom or use will be monitored (e.g. plush toys, dress-up clothes, books, board games)
  • Craft materials will be provided in individual boxes for each child
  • Sensory materials like playdough will be provided in individual containers and discarded after each child’s use

Daily Drop off and Pick Up Routine

Each day upon arrival all parents and children will be greeted at the side door of ECI by our staff and asked questions provided by Public Health that are designed to screen for illness. Each individual (caregiver and child) will also have their temperature taken. If the caregiver or any of their children are experiencing signs and symptoms of COVID-19 or have come in in close contact with an individual who is suspected of having COVID-19 or has a confirmed case of COVID-19 or has travelled outside of Canada in the previous 14 days, they will be sent home, and not permitted to enter the classroom.

If your child is healthy, and screening is completed, the same staff member will escort your child to the classroom. Parents will not be permitted to enter the classroom.

At the end of the day, caregivers are asked to call the school.  A staff member will bring your child to the drop-off point where you can pick up your child.


At this time, no non-essential visitors (including parents/caregivers) will be allowed in the classroom.


Sunnylea Co-Operative Nursery School has implemented enhanced cleaning and disinfecting measures to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.  A focus is placed on high touch areas including door handles, sinks, toilets, and toys. Any toy that is difficult to clean and disinfect will be put away (i.e. plush toys, dress-up clothes, puppets).  Anytime a child mouthes a toy, coughs or sneezes on a toy, it is taken out of rotation until it can be cleaned and disinfected.

Increased Hand Washing

Personal hygiene has always been a focus and priority at SCNS.  We wash our hands many times a day including:

  • When students and staff arrive at the center
  • After using the washroom
  • Before and after eating
  • After outdoor play
  • Any time hands are visibly soiled

As much as possible staff will remind children to avoid touching their face, eyes, nose and mouth.

Daily Quiet Time

Students are provided the opportunity to rest everyday.  We use mats at SCNS to allow for easier storage and cleaning in-between use. Where mats can not be kept two meters apart, students will be placed head to foot.  Each student will have their own mat.  Caregivers are encouraged to send only blankets to class each day.  Blankets will be sent home daily to be washed in-between each use.

Sunnylea Co-operative Nursery School is a preschool for 2 and 3 year olds located in Etobicoke, just west of Toronto, Canada